I took one-to-one English language training classes. I had learned English in school but forgot a lot of it and felt not really safe during conversations as it took me some time to explain things or answer questions and I couldn’t say exactly what I wanted to say.
As a first step, my trainer and I defined my needs, goals or “gaps” so that we could focus on these topics. The training was a perfect mixture of grammar revision, vocabulary build-up and conversation training. Due to the interesting and relevant topics which formed the basis of our lessons, I also got more knowledge about cultural aspects, historical facts and conversation rules. 
To summarize: It was a motivating, pleasant and efficient training. Due to this I have increased my confidence in the language, received a good re-fresh and improved my fluency.
- Silvia Nitsch, HR Manager (Sept 2014) - 


English language training has been considered a priority at AGCO GmbH, because many of our employees 
work in an international environment. So, for many people at our location English language skills are the key to success. With the implementation of the professional, structured, focussed and customer-oriented language training approach from communicultures we have improved our English trainings significantly regarding different aspects such as quality, customization, evaluation, organization
- Andrea Helbig, HR Talent Management Manager (Dec 2013) - 

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